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Val R. - Brentwood

Deciding on a solar system is a big decision, so working with West Coast Solar, I knew I was getting the right system for our family's needs. My husband and I had 3 other competitive bids, but Elvin's thorough analysis of our situation was very impressive. Elvin explained the process, the equipment, and answered all our questions and concerns with obvious expertise.
The whole crew that we met and had contact with was also superb! Installing 15 panels, Monitoring, processing city permits and Inspector sign-offs went smoothly. Communication with this team was so easy, which I really appreciated because I like people who can make and keep an appointment! I advise you to make West Coast Solar the first call on your list if you are shopping around. Local, honest, and efficient company - HANDS DOWN! 

Bob R. - Rio Vista

Getting our solar panels through West Coast Solar was a great experience.... Elvin walked ya through the whole process, which was great!!! We gave him all our info and what we spent with PG&E and he built us a system that would work for us!!! heavy sales  pitch either! He helped us with going with the best option on financing...West Coast Solar handled all the permits and inspections!!! Did great job with installation...All installed in one day!!!! Also gave us a extra 10 Years warranty on our roof!!! Which was a huge plus!!!!! Give Elvin a call he will hook you up!!!! 

Richelle J. - Brentwood

We had been thinking of switching to solar for a while. We came across West Coast Solar at Brentwood Music in the Park. My husband set up a consultation with Elvin for the following Tuesday. Elvin was on time and very professional. He explained how everything would work. We were working with the HERO program, Elvin helped us set up our financing, he was very thorough and left us with no questions. We got an Amazon Dot, a Nest thermostat and a couple of smart light switches all free with our installation. The installation itself was a breeze. The guys showed up at 8 am and were done before 1:30. We didn't have to do or prepare anything. We are very happy with our decision to go with West Coast Solar. We have already recommended their services to neighbors and friends. 

Jenn F. - Antioch

We shopped 3 different solar companies and got very confused until we met Elvin. He took the time we needed and assisted us with making the right decision without any pressure.  He was informative and thorough and ensured that we were making a sound investment.  He continues to check on us and always offers to assist us with any questions we have & when we do have questions, he always gets back to us immediately.  We can't thank him enough for his honesty and integrity. 

Shanan C. - Mt. House

I was hugely against the idea of solar. I'd heard enough horror stories about horrible service, outrageous bills, long break even points and downright shady leasing options to be wary and downright fearful. I prefaced my first meeting with Elvin with "we're probably never going to go solar but I'll listen to your pitch."

There was no pitch. He analyzed our current usage, our potential generation, roof space and budget and walked us through my very long decision making process. At no point was he a typical sales person, pressuring or trying to convince us. He was upfront and honest and educational. In the end it made sense for us to go ahead.

We've been thrilled with the level of service and assistance from many of the folks we've had the pleasure to work with at West Coast from Elvin to his installer team, admin and manager. They assisted when our utility slowed the process and we've been happy with our decision. 

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Solar Benefits

If you’re curious about installing a solar energy system in your home, this article covers the top six advantages of residential solar power to give you a basic idea of the benefits you should know. Before making a decision on whether or not to go solar, you need to rely on sound advice from experts with firsthand experience installing residential solar energy systems.

Certainly, solar has a number of advantages over nonrenewable energy sources, but have you ever wondered how these benefits relate to you as a homeowner? If so, here are the top six benefits of owning a solar-powered home.

1. Predictable monthly energy bill

Taking advantage of a predictable monthly energy bill over the long term is the biggest benefit. If you’re wondering how a residential solar energy system can lower your monthly electricity bill, you’re certainly not alone.

The bottom-line truth is that the price of energy is increasing every year in the U.S., so as a homeowner, you have to account for this cost. A number of factors influence the price of electricity every month, including seasonal changes, regional differences and the number of people in your home.

The good news is that you can participate in net metering programs, which allow you to offset your energy bill based on the amount of energy you “contribute” back to the electricity grid via home energy production. You may be able to enjoy a $0 energy bill if you install a large enough solar energy system.

2. Reduce the stress of working with electricity companies

Along those lines, you know how difficult it is to work with utility companies, especially if you live in a state with deregulated energy providers. Installing a residential solar energy system eliminates the need to compare utility rates and allows you to make the best financial decision for your family.

3. Solar is better for the environment

The next advantage of residential solar energy is the fact that solar power is far better for the environment. Nonrenewable resources, such as petroleum and coal, release harmful emissions into the atmosphere known as greenhouse gases. Residential solar energy systems emit no greenhouse gases whatsoever.

If you’re trying to ensure that your children have an unpolluted environment for many years to come, transitioning to solar energy may be the best choice. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), approximately 84 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 came from nonrenewable resources. Going solar would give you the opportunity to do your part to reduce emissions.

4. Decrease dependency on nonrenewable energy sources

The trouble with nonrenewable energy sources is that you have no control over how market fluctuations affect your energy bill. As a homeowner, you already know that you have been paying more for electricity over the last few years.

“This year-over-year increase in average electricity prices, combined with higher expected summer residential use, leads to a forecast 5 percent increase in the typical residential customer’s summer electricity expenditures compared with last summer,” the EIA said in the Short-term Energy Outlook, its most recent report. This information aligns perfectly with other EIA statistics on the rising cost of electricity in the U.S..

5. Government incentives

To offset the cost of installing and maintaining a solar energy system in your home, you can take advantage of government incentive programs to transition to renewable energy sources. For instance, the federal government has programs that provide incentives for using renewable energy.

Many of these programs have been available for quite some time, such as the Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion, which “includes installations or modifications primarily designed to reduce consumption of electricity or natural gas, or to improve the management of energy demand.”

6. Solar modules with 25 year warranty

You can rest assured that a properly installed home solar energy system will last for quite some time. Solar equipment can last for a few decades with consistent maintenance and sound guidance from installation professionals. Technology obsolescence is a fact of life you have to account for when making home investments, so the good news is that solar modules last at least decades to maximize your investment.

As you can see, home solar energy has many advantages you need to consider before making a purchase. With the right guidance from experts, you too can leverage these benefits to save money and improve the value of your home.

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With over 30 years experience in the roofing business and over 10 years experience in the solar industry, you have a team of professionals helping you every step of the way. We simplify the process by managing the project for you. From system design, financing, permitting, inspections, installation, utility interconnection, to monitoring, we handle it all. 


Performance Guarantee - 25 years

Solar Modules - 25 years

Inverter / Power Optimizers - 25 years

“No Leak” Roof Warranty - 10 years

Labor and Replacement Warranty - 25 years

Net Energy Metering

Net Metering programs reward homeowners by crediting the excess energy production from their solar power system.

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